Commercial buildings - things to consider while renting

Commercial buildings - things to consider while renting

An office space is an important place where almost everyone in their life spends most of their time and energy. And office space comes in all shapes sizes and different building classes. And compared to earlier times due to present startup culture there have been a lot of changes in terms of types of office space availability. The reasons affecting your decision making process depends upon your locality. And below are some of the things to consider while renting a space for you in Bangalore.

-      LOCATION - The very first important factor is the location. In earlier times Budget would have been a much more important factor than the location but now with many types and options I am sure that you can find all types of offices in every locality. First finalize the location you think works for you or your client or your employees. And you have to be very sure whether that particular location is right for your business.

-      RIGHT SIZE    The size of the office space should always be sufficient for the number of employees you are trying to accommodate. That being said, you do not want to get too large a space either; you’ll be paying for unused vacant space and that money can be better spent elsewhere.

BUDGET – You have to be very careful in choosing a space which fits right into your budget. If you are a young startup and growth factor is uncertain, a cowork space like Grit Coworks would be the best bet. This is more economical compared to a traditional space where you have to put everything right from scratch or pay more rentals if it is already a furnished space. And as mentioned earlier there would be some factors depending on the locality, Security deposit is one such where in Bangalore the owners tend to charge more compared to the northern parts of India.In a cowork space there usually would be 2 month of advance or even lesser.

COMPARE - It is very much important to visit various options of all types and compare between them to get to know the market and to make sure that your final space is able to provide you with all the factors necessary as per your requirement.

SECURITY You and your team will be spending the most part of the day at the office spaceAnd as you would be responsible for all your employees, make sure your office is under surveillance 24*7 and has proper security arrangements.

WORK ENVIRONMENT/CULTURE - The environment you work in is accountable for 70% of the productivity and success of your tasksBoth physical and social environment influences your work productivity. A positive work environment makes employees feel good about coming to work, and this provides the motivation to sustain them throughout the day.

FLEXIBILITY – Usually a traditional or a independent office doesnot provide much flexibility as you are bound to lockin the space for certain amount of years unlike a cowork space. Almost all of the cowork or shared offices work with no lockin clause. So for a startup which is unsure of its growth size should chose a cowork space like Grit Coworks to increase or decrease their team or in some cases you might need a space in multiple locations in the same city which Grit Coworks would fulfill.

NEIGHBOURHOOD - Another important thing that can't be ignored is to know-how is your neighbourhood. The employee working in your office should be comfortable while working and for a good environment, it is very important. After deciding the location infrastructure and space that suits your business needs is an important aspect which can't be ignored.

CONNECTIVITY – This is one of the biggest reasons in Bangalore to rent a office space. The basic mode of transportation should be connecting your workspace. For a city like Bangalore this should be not a problem. But you should also make sure that the time to commute to the office should be as minimal as possible. And with all the options of Bus, Train, Metro, Cab transportation in Bangalore is not worrisome.

INFRASTRUCTURE/FACILITIES – The traditional space or a shared office should be able to tick all the boxes in this segment as per your requirement like the furniture, internet, air conditioning, light fixtures, photocopy and fax machines, parking etc.…

-      THE OPERATOR - The landlord/ rental office operator should be friendly, approachable and with whom you can build a good working relationship. A good landlord will check that your needs are met. Many people underestimate the benefits of working with great landlords – they are flexible, easy to communicate with and ultimately save you precious time through speedy arrangements and eliminating time-wasting miscommunication.

Hope so the above points will help you in deciding an office space for your own.


We have a team who are highly efficient and carry 30 years of combined experience in the field of real estate. We will help you in finding a suitable space for you as per your requirement.

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